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Essay Proofreading

Add quality to your essays with our professional proofreading services

At Proofread My Essay, we know how hard it can be to multi-task between university essays when you are inundated with deadlines. That's why we offer our services at such competitive prices.

Our proofreading process will eliminate spelling errors, mistakes in punctuation, language use, consistency, style and tone. By using Track Changes, we are able to show you where we have corrected your mistakes. We also comment on the work to show you where and how you can add more weight to your argument. This means instead of your tutor having to highlight grammatical and editing mistakes, they can focus on the core of the argument. All our professional proofreaders are fully trained and experienced in the art of referencing and can ensure you do not lose out on that crucial extra 10% of your marks.

Improve your grades by eliminating simple mistakes, reference errors, and poor formatting and presentation. Let the professionals polish your document.

If you are a postgraduate student and expect to submit a lot of work, we can cater for your specific needs; contact us for more information.