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Price calculator

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Our professional proofreaders have helped thousands of students to eloquently and concisely express themselves, without altering their fundamental ideas and concepts.

12 reasons to trust us

Below, you will find 12 reasons why you can trust Proofread My Essay with your
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We are experienced

To date, we have proofread thousands of documents for students across the world.

We are professional

All of our proofreaders are highly educated and experienced. The majority of our team possess a first-class BA, Master's degree or PhD, and/or have completed extensive training in the proofreading industry. Further to this, each proofreader has completed and passed our own rigorous assessment program.

We are comprehensive

We don't have any hidden costs and our complete service includes every aspect of proofreading. View our academic proofreading page for more information.

We are the most efficient

We guarantee a return time of 24 hours for any document under 10,000 words, and on average we return a 6,000-word document in under 12 hours. We can also guarantee a 12-hour return time for documents up to 10,000 words with our express service.

We are smart

We are able to specifically match each document, dependent on content and document type, to an appropriate professional proofreader.

We care

We always strive not just to correct your English but to comment on areas where we can help you to understand your mistakes and improve your writing.

We are always working

Proofread My Essay is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This means you can upload a document at your convenience, any time of any day of the year!

Proofreadhk is continually growing, and we intend to expand to a capacity of over in-house 70 editors, all of whom have advanced graduate or professional degrees, and 50 academic translators, who, together, have an average of 8 years’ professional experience. Our staff's academic expertise includes fields such as the humanities, social sciences, art, medicine, physical and biological sciences, and engineering. We carefully screen each editor through our recruitment process and our quality assurance team conducts stringent reviews of all orders.

Each order we receive is assigned to a regional project manager, a subject-expert editor, and a quality assurance specialist. Because of the great care with which we handle our clients' works, only 0.2% of customers report dissatisfaction, and delivery delays are extremely rare (occurring for less than 0.1% of orders).

We are secure

We provide 100% security and confidentiality, and use Worldpay to safely process all payments.

We are fair

If you are unhappy with any part of our service, we endeavour to remedy the situation as soon as possible.

We are helpful

If you contact us, a member of our friendly admin team will get back to you as soon as possible. Between the hours of 7am - 11pm, you are likely to get a response in as fast as 5 - 30 minutes. You can catch us either by the email provided, our phone number, or the chat feature on our website.