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Our professional proofreaders have helped thousands of students eloquently and concisely present their work, whilst maintaining all fundamental ideas and concepts.

What kind of documents do you edit?

We specialise in proofreading all academic work, including dissertations, theses, essays, reports, coursework, research proposals, journal articles, and personal statements. However, we will proofread any academic document and have experience in proofreading CVs, novels, business reports, magazines and a wide variety of other non-academic work. If you have a specific document you would like proofread that is not academic, please contact us.

Will this get me in trouble with my university?

Absolutely not. Universities allow, and many actively encourage, a third party to proofread a student's document; at ProofreadHK, we provide proofreading services that comply with university regulations. Read more about our service.

How do you upload and return my document?

ProofreadHK uses a bespoke user area where you can upload new documents and download completed work. Two documents are returned: one marked with all comments and corrections, and the other with the corrections accepted, just showing the comments. This provides you with the ability to keep control of any changes made to your work. Once your document is complete, you are instantly alerted via email and can login to download your corrected work.
Read more about our process.

Will you help me write my document?

No. ProofreadHK will only provide proofreading services in compliance with university regulations and does not condone plagiarism of any kind. We believe that students’ work should be their own; we simply help students achieve the grades they deserve. Read more about our service.

What parts of the document do you proofread?

We proofread everything within your document, including bibliographies, references (within text and separate), titles, tables, and captions. So simply upload everything that you would like proofread, and we'll take care of it.

Do you follow specific guidelines for formatting and referencing?

When you upload your document, you can describe which reference style you are using. Alternatively, you can add an extended description of the specific guidelines alongside your document in the box provided, therefore your document will always be formatted and referenced accurately. Read more about our process.

Do ProofreadHK also edit in American, Australian and Canadian English?

Yes, ProofreadHK is a global service and we have proofreaders from all over the world, providing a proofreading service in every English dialect. Simply choose which kind of English you are using upon uploading, and your work will be proofread accordingly.

Do you accept essays from all subject types?

Yes. We can and do proofread documents from all subject areas. In most cases, your document is assigned to a proofreader who specialises or has a specific interest in that field. This way, the proofreader will understand the context, thus allowing them to make the best possible amendments to your document.

Who is proofreading my essay?

We have a team of professional proofreaders who have all undergone our meticulous application and testing process. All proofreaders are qualified to a minimum of a postgraduate Master’s degree or have extensive experience, ensuring that our proofreaders are suitably qualified to provide professional and accurate amendments to your highly valued work.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and debit cards through our payment gateway. Alternatively, we can also accept bank transfers, cheques and PayPal payments; please contact us for further information.

What types of documents do you accept?

We accept Microsoft Word document formats .doc and .docx through our website. However, if you have a document in a different file format such as LaTeX, PDF, RTF, or PPT, please email it to and we will upload them for you.

How do you keep my work safe?

All submitted work is kept within our secure database. We guarantee that your work will never be passed on to third parties. Furthermore, all work can be deleted from your user area once we've completed proofreading it. Additionally all of our proofreaders sign a legally binding non-disclosure agreement to ensure that your work is never shared.