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It’s not only academic proofreading we are good at; we have equal expertise with non-academic documents. Our non-academic proofreading covers a wide range of document types:

  • Business papers
  • Novel and Manuscript Proofreading
  • Technical proofreading
  • CVs and much more

Who Can Benefit?

Any business looking to perfect its business proposals or papers, potential candidates seeking employment by submitting a quality CV, or writers completing a novel or manuscript. Anyone seeking corrections for non-academic documents is welcome to submit their work to us.

Why Us?

We have a full-fledged in-house team of experienced and well-qualified proofreaders, who are dedicated to delivering professional proofreading services to our customers.

Our work with several local and global organizations has earned us a great track record. Our prime objective is to offer highly professional proofreading solutions to our customers, as we believe that our growth lies in the success of our clients.

12-Hour Express Service

We also offer express proofreading services to customers who want to receive their work back more quickly. We can return your documents in 12 hours, flawlessly proofread.

If you are in need of quick, reliable, secure, and high-quality proofreading services, we can help! Get in touch for a quote at